The amount of times we at Mr Picketts receive an enquire for “Help” and photos of a table top half stripped of its paint with expressions of despair such as “I’ve lost the will to live” or “life is too short” and my favourite “my weekends should be better than this” …golf is often mentioned in our conversation.

To coin a phrase ‘Let Mr Picketts take the strain’. Our service includes collection and delivery our area of service covers the Southern counties including Kent. The process involves placing your garden furniture into a chemical especially blended to remove paint/varnish and powder coating from Aluminium, Cast Iron and Steel. Once neutralized the Aluminium furniture is primed withRustle-ume primer (no prime is required for cast iron or steel please see details below) all items are spray painted with a minimum of threecoats of Rust-oleum CombiColor in a colour of your choosing. Please see colour chart.

What We Use

Rust-Oleum CombiColor is a one coat maintenance system for metal, providing superior metal protection, even when applied direct to rust.It remains flexible and does not become brittle or flake with movement. Rust-Oleum CombiColor is intended for brush and roller applicationand can also be applied by air spray.

Features & Benefits

Long-lasting protection – All weather resistant
Interior & exterior use
Sag resistant, no brush strokes
Direct application to rust, bare metal and wood
Primer and topcoat in one
Low odour – VOC Compliant
High coverage: 10.5m2 per litre
One coat hiding, good flow properties
Dilutable with Rust-Oleum 7301 CombiColor Thinner or White Spirit
Usable down to 5°C
Available in virtually any colour
Heat resistant up to 90°C

Rust-Oleum CombiColor contains rust-inhibitive pigments, is lead and chromate free, low odour and VOC compliant. For metal structures in a more aggressive industrial environments, prior application of Rust-Oleum 3369/3380 CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion is recommended. When applying on Aluminium, Brass, Plastic and other extremely smooth or hard to adhere to surfaces use Rust-Oleum 3302 CombiPrimerAdhesion first.

Timber furniture is stripped using chemicals or by hand for more delicate items that require care and attention. When the existing finish is removed it is usually then that a discussion with our client takes place regarding their choice of finish. Often when stripped, timber revealsits true colour.


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