Furnishings, Fireplaces & Metal

Hot caustic stripping is the best way to remove paint from wooden furniture, doors and metal. It leaves the surface clean and when thoroughly dry wooden surfaces can be sanded and waxed to achieve that ‘great aged’ look.

Door and Furniture Stripping

Most stripping is carried out the day after it is received – please allow three or four days for drying. A local delivery service is available.

When having doors stripped we would ask you to take off any locks, handles, hooks fingerplates etc. Hinges and thumb latches may be left on.

This technique uses Caustic Soda to strip painted and varnished softwoods and metal. Softwood items that can be stripped this way include cupboards, shelves, drawers, desks, tables, chairs, dressers, doors, skirting board, architrave, fire surrounds and wardrobes. Cast iron fireplaces and other painted metal work can also be stripped.

This method uses a heated dip tank into which the furniture is fully submerged and left to soak. On removal from the tank the item is washed off with water and left to dry. It is then finished to our customers requirements. The turn-around for caustic stripping depends on the size of the item and whether it needs to be finished (sanded, waxed, etc.). However, we can usually return items in less than 2 weeks.